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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Moura - Most expensive yacht world

Most expensive yacht world is headed by a Lady Moura length of almost 105 meters and the cost of 210 million dollars. It was built in 1991 by order of the Saudi Prince Nasser al-Rashid.

Length - 104.85 meters, year of release - 1990, Wharf - Blohm + Voss, the architect - Luigi Sturchio, maximum speed of 36 knots, engines - MWM TBD 510 BV12 2x6.900 HP

Owner - Mohammed al-Raschid (Lebanon)
Width - 18,50 m
Draft - 5,50 m
Team - 61 p
Displacement - 6,300 tons

A luxury yacht Alexander

A luxury Yacht "Alexander" which is one of the three leaders belong to the Greek magnate Jānis Latsis, for which he paid $ 150 million.
The very well-known Greek businessman Janis Lacis, nicknamed "Captain" is one of the three richest Greek shipowners together with Onasisom and Nyarhosom. The fourteenth child of a poor family of Greek fisherman, he became personally acquainted with the President, Prime ministers and other leaders of world powers. Many of them stayed in their mansions and their yachts around the world.

Pelorus - pleasure craft Roman Abramovich

Pleasure craft Roman Abramovich "Pelorus", valued at $ 120 million, took fourth place in the list of the most wide-world yacht. Pelorus yacht is 378 feet long, has cost him 72 million pounds: it has a system for detecting missiles and a mini-submarine. Among its crew numbering 40 people, there are former employees of SAS - British special forces.

Roman Abramovich owns three yachts.
In addition to the yacht Pelorus in billionaire there are two boats. This is Le Grand Bleu length of 355 feet. According to some sources, Abramovich bought it from Paul Allen, co-founder of computer giant Microsoft, for 50 million pounds.

A third yacht Abramovich was launched only recently - in the May holidays. The length of the new yacht Ecstasea at 282 feet. It was built for magnate on special order as for 72 million pounds.

Thus, the cost Abramovich on a yacht in the last three years, reaching almost 200 million pounds. Their maintenance team cost him 25 million pounds a year.

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