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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roman Abramovich, boasts a huge yacht?

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has nothing to prove: it is recognized as the most charming Russian oligarch, meets with an enviable heiress to a vast fortune and Dasha Zhukova has the best English football club "Chelsea". But, apparently, a passion for big toys, do not subside in a novel ever.

In August, observers noted superyachts Abramovich's so-called "Millionaires 'Bay' in the south of France. To say that the Roman ship is huge - to say nothing. The yacht, named dramatically Eclipse, cut through the azure waters of the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, impressing the paparazzi and the public.

Incidentally, this yacht was built by special order of the Russian oligarch. For his whim Abramovich paid 500 million euros. Vessel for two years, and at the time of descent, in 2009, it was the largest private motor yacht in the world. It are nine decks, 20 motor scooters, four pleasure boats and mini-submarine for 12 seats.

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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Luxury yacht Abramovich was not allowed in the bay of Antibes

The giant Luxury yacht of Roman Abramovich could not fit in a bay on the Riviera. In Antibes, one of the largest marinas on the entire Cote d'Azur. Here on the pier is not less than two thousand ships. However, the yacht of Roman Abramovich, notorious for its giant size, could not fit into this bay. 

The only appropriate for her berth yacht won the Saudi prince. It is less than half tub Abramovich, although poorer than twice crowned Roman lady. And have the same - the oligarch with a girlfriend Dasha Zhukova had to endure the inconvenience.  

Each time they traveled back and forth on a motor boat. What, though slightly, but still had spoiled their vacation.

Friday, August 12, 2011

History Supreme. The most expensive yacht in the world made ​​of gold

It must be Roman Abramovich, now biting his elbows, his yacht is no longer the most luxurious and most expensive in the world. Liverpool designer Stuart Hughes, known for its super-expensive gadgets of the jewels, presented the most luxurious ship in the world worth 4.85 billion dollars. For comparison, the cost of the yacht Eclipse Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich is around 500-800 million dollars.

British designer said that the creation of three hundred cm yacht History Supreme took more than 3 years and more than 100,000 kilograms of gold and platinum. On the boat literally every detail sparkles glitter of precious metal: the deck, dining area, fences, anchors, even the bottom of the composite vessel clad in a thin layer of gold. In the work went even crashed once on our sinful earth meteorite, as well as the bones of predatory dinosaurs T-REX, precisely because they made ​​the wall of master bedroom. A large aquarium with exotic fish poured from 68 kg of gold. In addition, the board served wine, each bottle is decorated with a rare diamond.

The name of the customer, who wishes to surf on the sea spaces in so many a luxury vessel, is kept secret. However, according to rumors, yacht History Supreme can go to Malaysia for a very big business. According to the ranking of Forbes, the most affluent of Malaysians in 2011 may be Robert Kuok Capital $ 12.5 billion, earned by sugar, palm oil, trucking and real estate.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Superyacht Diamond 44, a designer Mauro Lecce and company Fenice Milano

Italian designer Mauro Lecce and the company Fenice Milano presented their next joint brainchild - elite yacht Diamond 44. Approximate price of luxury-masterpiece is already known.

The yacht is offered for sale on the Internet for 1.4 million dollars. When you create a 14-meter Diamond 44 used high-tech composite materials: fiberglass, carbon fiber, a specially crafted luxury wood, Kevlar, epoxy resins and other substances that are primarily used in the aerospace industry.

Due to the special concept of the use of the space beyond the usual yacht interior expanding and it seems more spacious. Exterior "space" yacht struck his elegance on the stern of the vessel are hangars for water scooters, also on the ship is a platform with telescoping ladder for swimming.

Diamond 44 - The world's first boat made of wood and composite materials, engines equipped with Volvo Penta IPS. On the ship there are two such engines of 870 horsepower, which allow the vessel to reach a maximum speed of 41 knot and a cruising speed of 37 knots.

Note that Mauro Fenice Milano Lecce and already have experience of co-operation: together they developed a yacht on the Lamborghini, which is an aqueous analog of the famous car (when creating designer inspired design one of the cars of this mark). Cost of 15-meter vessel, made of highly durable materials, hovering around $ 2 million.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Holiday on a yacht

How sometimes you want, forgetting about the hustle and bustle of the city, climb on board and feel free, a free as a bird. Not trump his rush to the far bin, and add the best thing and go over the waves. You will not only feel brave captain, lively pirate, but just enjoy your stay, will calm the soul.

Did you know that the relaxation on the water strengthens the immune system, relieves stress and completely eliminates the fatigue. A holiday on board developing vestibular system, increases energy and is useful for the musculoskeletal system. Besides sunbathing contribute not only exactly a nice tan, but also accelerate the process of skin repair, as well as bring enormous benefit throughout the body - increases the activity of the cerebral cortex and accelerate metabolism.

Holiday on a yacht good in any season. In summer you can sunbathe and swim in the spring and autumn to admire the beauty of nature, not hiding from the searing sun. Besides a comfortable weekend on the water in the velvet season will cost you much cheaper than in summer. You can spend with your family or gather your friends or colleagues. After traveling on the river can be perfectly combined with banquets, corporate party or a nice Hen.

To do this, go to the nearest river terminal or firm that provides court for rent, collect pleasant company - and fabulous to spend the weekend. Traveling on a white boat, the rapid run through the waves on a boat or walking graceful sailing yachts - all at your service! On request you could stand at the helm, sailing master and can even participate in the sailing regatta. Choose a holiday for everyone. Enjoy the warm sunshine - it is now, you'll get not only beautiful but healing sunburn. And the freshness, vivacity and tenderness velvet season, save on the year.

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