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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abramovich's yacht Eclipse is equipped with a system of protection from the paparazzi

Russia billionaire Roman Abramovich, is further developed in his new yacht Eclipse, which is the largest and most expensive private vessel of its kind in the world, has decided to equip its system of protection from the paparazzi. Writes The Times, the device is able to record the work of light-sensitive elements of digital cameras, and aimed a laser beam to suppress their work. The system operates in automatic or manual mode.

Abramovich has commissioned a new yacht, which was the fourth in his private fleet in 2007. Project work carried out by design offices Atabeyki Design Development, and the ship was built at the shipyards Blohm + Voss in Hamburg.

Descent yachts on the water was held June 12, 2009, and by Christmas will be a transfer of the owner. A few days ago, according to The Times, Eclipse came out for sea trials, which will last ten days. The vessel length of almost 170 meters are about 150 technical personnel.

The yacht is equipped with the latest technology and is equipped with a powerful system of protection. Housing and windows, according to the newspaper, capable of withstanding a hit by the missile. In addition, since in France for "Eclipse" is planned to install anti-missile system. In case of an emergency on board are minipodlodka and two helipads.

As noted by The Times, the cost of the yacht was originally estimated at 350 million euros, but in the course of its further equipment costs amounted to the current time 800 million euro.

While the size of Abramovich's because of the crisis fell, according to The Sunday Times Rich List, to 4,2-7,7 billion euros, he continues to make costly acquisitions. Last week it became known about a billionaire buying a plot of land on the Caribbean resort island of Saint Barthelemy area of 70 acres (28 hectares). Property value is estimated at 60 million euros.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Forbes: Abramovich was the owner of the largest yachts in the world

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich retained the title holder of the largest yachts in the world according to Forbes in 2009, which is released on Saturday.

His yacht Eclipse, length 557 fitov (169 meters), which left stocks with a German shipyard Blohm & Voss, remains unparalleled in its scope.

Media reported that the nine-deck yacht, two helipads are located in the hangar, four motorized pleasure boats, Admiral boat for the guests from the shore, water bikes, and ten 12-seat diesel submarine Nomad 1000-T.

Submarine commissioned by Abramovich for 6 million dollars in an emergency or for the sake of entertainment the owner will be able to go unnoticed from the hold.

All avant-garde interior solutions elite yacht kept in strict secrecy.

However, Forbes points out that despite the many rumors and speculations, to obtain reliable information about the Eclipse and did not manage.

For various versions, the construction of the giant cost of between $ 300 to $ 700 million.

As expected, all details relating to the acquisition of property yachts, will be resolved in early 2010.

After Boris Berezovsky got rid of its super-yachts, Abramovich had to compete mainly with Arab sheikhs and kings.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 3 most popular yachts for summers charter

The summer is time - time for mass leave and travel. Hardly anything can be compared with the rest on the magnificent yacht, drifting majestically on the sea. This article is about the yachts, raskazhet you about Yacht Elite class.

But before the tale begins, to make an agonizing choice - to decide which of these beauties Yacht bear you through the waves. To at least partially lift the burden from you, we offer a brief overview of the troika of the best charter yachts. Not all of them are among the longest in the world - the main criterion for selection Yacht serve a sense of style, luxury and completeness of the conditions.

So the most popular boats:
In third place is honorable yacht Lady Lola, yacht for those who yearn for privacy, it is with this desire to be a ride on a yacht with a very playful name Lady Lola. Cabin mate fully occupies the upper deck. The interior is made of precious Yachts class maple wood called «avian eye» and exotic white marble, which in combination gives the yacht glamorous chic. Estimated number of passengers the ship - 12, the rental price - from 330 thousand dollars.

In the second place our Yacht-rating, is located yacht Phoenix - this embodiment of the dream in reality. This magnificent yacht, the rapid and dynamic, with its magnificent interior decoration in the style of «Art Deco», rightfully deserves the title of one of the best creations ever dissecting sea. By becoming and value - boat rental will cost 480 thousand dollars a week. Class yachts - Мегаяхта.

And finally, first place in the ranking list of our yacht, took one of the most famous yachts in the world, once owned by billionaire Aristotle Onasis - Christina O. It can comfortably accommodate about 40 guests. As for partying, then on board the yacht at the same time can be fun at least 250 people. In addition to the bar, dining room, swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, gymnasium and library, on the yacht has a spa-center, beauty salon, dance floor, and the boat on water skis and equipment for diving and windsurfing. For the opportunity to feel part of the great stories of this ship, will have to fork out for the round sum of 455 thousand dollars a week, plus - the overhead costs.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Abramovich has lost his Yacht in a Poker Game

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich is quite lost in a poker game. In this regard, he was forced to pay the debt as one of its luxury boats, valued at half a million dollars.

Residing in British billionaire, was defeated for the green table in Barcelona, where his team played "Chelsea". This loss was not just led to a crisis in relations with the beauty Dashey Zhukov. "Either I, or a poker game," - she has a choice of Roman.

To please the bride, billionaire became a member of one of the poker rooms, which he advised the oligarch Vladimir Doronin. He, too, in its time has passed to a virtual game under pressure from his fiancee Naomi Campbell.

The European Union has recently increased the billionaire agricultural subsidy for farms in the UK for 486 thousand pounds sterling. In doing so, according to the edition of Forbes, Roman Abramovich had lost as a result of the crisis in 2009, four billion dollars, but it remains the richest British.

Note that despite the crisis, the billionaire will not skimp on the gifts to his bride. In particular, he presented her a huge art gallery in the premises of the former Moscow's fleet, which opened in September, as well as the icy track on Valentine's Day. Furthermore, Abramovich bought for Zhukova slice moon and a new huge villa for 65 million dollars on the island of St. Barts, where the holidays such Hollywood stars as Robert De Niro and Brad Pitt.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Lady Moura - Most expensive yacht world

Most expensive yacht world is headed by a Lady Moura length of almost 105 meters and the cost of 210 million dollars. It was built in 1991 by order of the Saudi Prince Nasser al-Rashid.

Length - 104.85 meters, year of release - 1990, Wharf - Blohm + Voss, the architect - Luigi Sturchio, maximum speed of 36 knots, engines - MWM TBD 510 BV12 2x6.900 HP

Owner - Mohammed al-Raschid (Lebanon)
Width - 18,50 m
Draft - 5,50 m
Team - 61 p
Displacement - 6,300 tons

A luxury yacht Alexander

A luxury Yacht "Alexander" which is one of the three leaders belong to the Greek magnate Jānis Latsis, for which he paid $ 150 million.
The very well-known Greek businessman Janis Lacis, nicknamed "Captain" is one of the three richest Greek shipowners together with Onasisom and Nyarhosom. The fourteenth child of a poor family of Greek fisherman, he became personally acquainted with the President, Prime ministers and other leaders of world powers. Many of them stayed in their mansions and their yachts around the world.

Pelorus - pleasure craft Roman Abramovich

Pleasure craft Roman Abramovich "Pelorus", valued at $ 120 million, took fourth place in the list of the most wide-world yacht. Pelorus yacht is 378 feet long, has cost him 72 million pounds: it has a system for detecting missiles and a mini-submarine. Among its crew numbering 40 people, there are former employees of SAS - British special forces.

Roman Abramovich owns three yachts.
In addition to the yacht Pelorus in billionaire there are two boats. This is Le Grand Bleu length of 355 feet. According to some sources, Abramovich bought it from Paul Allen, co-founder of computer giant Microsoft, for 50 million pounds.

A third yacht Abramovich was launched only recently - in the May holidays. The length of the new yacht Ecstasea at 282 feet. It was built for magnate on special order as for 72 million pounds.

Thus, the cost Abramovich on a yacht in the last three years, reaching almost 200 million pounds. Their maintenance team cost him 25 million pounds a year.

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