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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrating New Year on the Yacht. Yacht Charter in the winter

In winter, sometimes so eager to get into the warm exotic country! Thailand, Kenya, Seychelles. Yachting in these countries has already become a classic. And even more so for the classics of Western man is celebrating Christmas and New Year on a yacht in an exotic location. Just imagine: warm and clear water, white beaches, lush green shores, excellent service.
Being on the other end of the world, you can actually distract from his problems. The surrounding are very respectful of the rest of a man who plows the South Seas on a yacht!

Luxury yacht charter rent a yacht in the winter, you do not have to always somewhere to go. You can always drop anchor in the bay you liked, take a walk around town and then visit the other!

How much can cost rent a yacht and heavenly pleasure? Of course, price depends largely on your preferences, time of stay, etc. Rentals same boat will be around 500 euros per week per person. Of course, flights and accommodation will cost you more.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roman Abramovich has defended the most expensive yacht Eclipse from the paparazzi

The most famous Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, in addition to those already installed on his luxury yacht the missile defense system, bulletproof glass and armor plating rigged vessel yacht Eclipse special protection system flashes of cameras.

The Eclipse is the largest and most expensive private yacht in the world. Now she is safe from prying camera lenses of paparazzi constantly chasing Abramovich and his girlfriend - model and gallerist Daria Zhukova, wherever they may be.

The new system is based on infrared laser technology that blocks any lens digital camera aimed at the boat, and not allowing them to lock the frame in memory. With the advent of the new function value of the yacht "Eclipse" has risen to the level of $ 1 billion.

Currently, the yacht is the last tests on the high seas with a crew of 150 engineers on board, and 22 December will be finally handed over in full possession of the owner.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Disney Dream - Launched the biggest airliner in the world

On the last Saturday of October from Meyer-Werft shipyard in Papenburg German city came the biggest cruise liner in the world.

The length of the ship Disney Dream, owned by U.S. company Disney Cruise Line, is 340 meters. The ship can carry about 4000 passengers - it gives him the right to be the largest cruise ship on the planet.

On board ship there are movie theaters, swimming pools and water slides. Besides, this is the first cruise ship designed exclusively for travel for parents with children. Of the interesting findings of designers should be noted that in each cabin has assembled a "virtual bull's-eye" on which the image is fed from the external cameras. Thus, travelers can watch the spectacular sea views, which may appear suddenly the heroes of Disney animation. Complex water slides AquaDuck looks even more impressive: he rises at 4 decks, and a transparent wall of a loop that runs along the side of the vessel, can feel like an albatross, soaring over the water.

His first tour of Disney Dream Cruise will make in the first half of next year. Company Disney Cruise Line has ordered the shipyard Meyer-Werft two similar ships. The descent of the second vessel is scheduled for 2012-2013.

Disney Dream to Include First-Ever Shipboard Water Coaster

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Amazing boat STRAND CRAFT 122 soon go on sale (photos)

This stunning boat is called STRAND CRAFT 122 and he will soon go on sale.
Its length is 38 meters, there are four large cabins with 52-inch LED-screen TVs and expensive stereo systems, Bang & Olufsen.But the big surprise for the owner of the yacht - is that in the set is stunning and supercar garage which is also located inside the yacht.
Price is still unknown...

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The luxury cruise Yacht Seabourn Sojourn

In its first new route went liner luxury Sojourn Luxury Passenger Yacht, which replenished the fleet of the company Yachts of Seabourn, a member of the holding company Carnival Corporation. Route 14-day journey aboard the Seabourn Sojourn includes stops in Scotland, Denmark, Iceland, Norway and the Netherlands. Cruise will end on June 20 in Dover.
The ceremony of christening the ship took on board the ship during a cruise on the River Thames. Godmother of the new super-liner was the famous British supermodel the 60's, the actress and singer Twiggy (Twiggy). According to her, elegant interior and smooth contours make the ship one of the most elegant in the sea.

The luxury cruise Yacht Seabourn Sojourn.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leisure yachts. Yacht Charters

Today in the world, there are several varieties of the charter, depending on the degree of comfort and the type of services provided. This, in turn, helps clients choose the best option.

The first type of charter - the so-called "bare-boat", ie yacht without crew. This yacht offers tourists without a professional team, ie tourists themselves should manage it. Naturally, before the adoption of a tourist boat owner must prove that he can handle such a vessel. Despite the lack of a professional team, the yacht is fully equipped with everything necessary for such a voyage. They must be available means of communication (radio), rescue equipment, means of alarm (emergency buoy, flares). With regard to supplies of goods and liquids, the yacht is issued to the client is fully fueled and water. After the boat trip should be returned to the owner, too, fully fueled and water. Yachts are also usually equipped with detailed descriptions of the suggested routes and maps navigation. In the descriptions of the routes, except for places may be even pointed out where the good fishin 'and some hotels and stores on their way most advantageous. Suggested routes usually start and end at the same port, but by agreement with the charter company you can leave the boat at any convenient for you to port.

There are two varieties of this type of charter. In one of them gets a tourist boat on the form of "bare-boat", but with skipper-guide on board. A modification of this type of charter is the so-called "charter of the fleet." This is a sailing trip with a group of yachts, you can make yourself or join the fleet, organized charter company. The flagship of the fleet managed by an experienced skipper, ready to help, but you remain responsible for the yacht and crew. Fleets are organized by charter companies, primarily for those who just received a license and still not feel sufficiently confident in a separate trip. In addition, the flotilla adds communication, fun, introduces an element of racing excitement. Often this form of charter is used for corporate rest. Also, very often charter companies conduct rally race. It's as simple sporting regatta, which may be open to all, regardless of the level of training.

The next widely practiced form charter - the so-called "crewed charter". This implies that the yacht must be equipped with. Tourist on a boat is a "guest" and if he does not want, he does not necessarily participate in the management of the yacht. The team usually consists of a captain, the number of men depends on the size of boats and the number of passengers, often in the team include the Coca-steward. Maintenance of this type of charter greatly increases its value, but it saves tourists from liability for the vessel and allows them to more fully enjoy swimming.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leisure yachts - it is reasonable, safe and very interesting

There is an opinion, that vacation on the yacht - entertainment is very expensive and not affordable to everyone. But the yachts in the world there is great variety - different types, sizes and cost. Get in the charter can be as expensive masterpiece class Superyacht of eminent shipbuilders and ship with a more modest parameters. Also, as the hotel, a yacht is chosen according to the wishes and capabilities of the client.
The cost of the charter depends on many parameters, including: the type of the vessel (motor or sail), the size of the yacht, the spectrum of services and equipment on board, name of manufacturer and year built yachts.

I want to immediately dispel a few myths stable belonging to rest on yachts।

The first myth: "It is very expensive, only for millionaires"

The market offers for rent yachts is very wide. The lower boundary, known to me - $ 15 per space per cabin per night. Top - tens of thousands per day. The average price of lease 8 local sailing motor yacht, new and in perfect condition for a week in the Mediterranean Sea about 3000 euros, which is 54 euros per night per person.

The second myth: "The storms, reefs, sharks - that's a very dangerous"

Without going into technical and navigational details, we give only one argument. Insurance rates for boats are the lowest for transport. The probability of damage to a yacht or to inflict bodily injury on a yacht is much less than by car, train or plane, not to mention the lessons skiing or diving.

Myth Three: "It's only for athletes, need to be physically healthy and strong"

Around the world cruise and sailing charter - a family vacation, and the bulk yahtovladeltsev The so-called cruise couples - couples in retirement, usually over 50 years, traveling all the time, and inviting to their children and grandchildren of the yacht. Technical equipment of modern yachts make their management easier and safer than driving. I note that for mountain skiing or diving is required, of course, a higher physical

The Myth Four: "Been there, know ..." Often the negative experiences associated with chartering a yacht is formed as a result of random attempts to ride on a yacht which was taken on the waterfront in Yalta or yacht club type "Red waterman. Outdated and obsolete sports or makeshift boats not suited to the autonomous comfortable swimming, create a fundamentally wrong understanding of the industry and its current state.

For various reasons, not all who wish to join the yachting, want to acquire a vessel in the property. In the most attractive places for sailing organize a large quantity of various companies and simply individuals who began offering yachts for hire - on the day, week, month. This service offers yachts varying degrees of comfort that can be equipped with professional crews, cook, steward. The main regions where the existing and developing charter, include Virgin and the Bahamas, Lesser Antilles, Honduras, Hawaii, Tonga, Australia, Great Lakes, San Juan Island (off the west coast of North America), Florida, Maldives, Fiji . In the Mediterranean "charter" in some places are islands in the Aegean coast of Greece, Turkey, Adriatic Sea, Corsica. In recent years, geography charter dramatically expands.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

$1.2 Billion Yacht Abramovich Comes Equipped With Laser-Powered Anti-Paparazzi Shield

Famed yacht-fanatic Roman Abramovich added a new feature to his 557-foot, $1.2 billion monstrosity, Eclipse: A laser shield that sweeps the boat's surroundings for paparazzi and then fires a bolt of light at the camera to destroy any photo.

The lasers detect CCDs, or charge-coupled devices, which are used in most (but not all; CMOS chips are also around) photoelectric sensors. Guards can activate the lasers when they spot any suspicious glint of a camera's lens, which will then shoot a bright, focused light directly at the camera, ruining any photography.

Ankida Yacht Will Make You Long For A Journey

Ankida Yacht
The entire driving force of the Ankida concept, aside from beautiful looks, is to have ideal placement for every part and get the most out of your escapes. Whether you prefer to move under only one sail, or test the performance of them all, you can easily do it with a hell of a lot of style. And while it's a still just a concept design, I'm already lost in daydreams of adventure and pirates.

Ankida Yacht
I don't even want to imagine what the price tag for Lila-Lou's finely-tuned Ankida yacht will be. I just want to lay on the deck and watch the wind hit those optimally-positioned sails as I drift around the world.

Code-X Yacht Will Have Two Kinds of Power

There's a real company promoting a not-so-real power yacht called the Code-X. The differentiator–≤or "thing that's supposed to land a billionaire customer"–≤is that the boat will have two Formula 1 engines and two solar-powered electric ones.

It's not abundantly clear when you'd use the as-yet-unannounced electric engines, or exactly how efficiently the onboard solar panels will collect sunlight and charge the as-yet-unannounced batteries.

Let's be honest: You probably won't use them all that often. The point is to have them, and to tell your rich-ass friends that you are, in Code-X's words, "a pioneer and frontrunner on the path to a cleaner and more environmentally friendly future." The point is to be saying this while gunning your twin F1 Limor 710HP smogmasters to drown out the riffraff circling you in those environmentally unfriendly Jet Skis.
The most sinister thing about the whole operation is the length that Code-X went to render a completely non-existent boat into so many real-life scenes, almost as if James Cameron was the company's marketing consultant. [Code-X

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Yacht for 21st Hydrogen-Powered Century Pharaohs

Its hydrogen diesel-electric engine can, in theory, give it a range of 13,000 nautical miles at 10 knots—which is mind blowing for a yacht with these features. The axe bow gives it lower resistance. And its general design makes it look like it can kick any other yacht ass. Or a cheese knife. Or a kick yatch ass cheese knife.

Pharos Marine Unveils 60M Orcageno - it's not only that this yacht has been designed by an Egyptian naval architecture house, it's that it reminds me of the Egyptian ships of old, rolling up and down the Nile. Except that this 197-foot vessel runs on hydrogen.

The interior features are just as stunning, with a spa and health centre positioned within the curved glass superstructure. A sun deck with Jacuzzi is surrounded by a leather-covered lounging area. The dining room is positioned forward with a fabulous view of the dual-level swimming pool and its hydraulically-operated glass sunroof. There are accommodations for 12 guests and 14 crew in total with the owner’s quarters being of course the most luxurious. The 13,000 nautical mile range is based on a cruising speed of 10 knots, while at the maximum speed of 18 knots the figure drops to a still impressive 7,100 NM.

by jameslist

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