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Sunday, October 30, 2011

Roman Abramovich, boasts a huge yacht?

Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich has nothing to prove: it is recognized as the most charming Russian oligarch, meets with an enviable heiress to a vast fortune and Dasha Zhukova has the best English football club "Chelsea". But, apparently, a passion for big toys, do not subside in a novel ever.

In August, observers noted superyachts Abramovich's so-called "Millionaires 'Bay' in the south of France. To say that the Roman ship is huge - to say nothing. The yacht, named dramatically Eclipse, cut through the azure waters of the coast of Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferrat, impressing the paparazzi and the public.

Incidentally, this yacht was built by special order of the Russian oligarch. For his whim Abramovich paid 500 million euros. Vessel for two years, and at the time of descent, in 2009, it was the largest private motor yacht in the world. It are nine decks, 20 motor scooters, four pleasure boats and mini-submarine for 12 seats.

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