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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Luxury yacht Abramovich was not allowed in the bay of Antibes

The giant Luxury yacht of Roman Abramovich could not fit in a bay on the Riviera. In Antibes, one of the largest marinas on the entire Cote d'Azur. Here on the pier is not less than two thousand ships. However, the yacht of Roman Abramovich, notorious for its giant size, could not fit into this bay. 

The only appropriate for her berth yacht won the Saudi prince. It is less than half tub Abramovich, although poorer than twice crowned Roman lady. And have the same - the oligarch with a girlfriend Dasha Zhukova had to endure the inconvenience.  

Each time they traveled back and forth on a motor boat. What, though slightly, but still had spoiled their vacation.

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