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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 3 most popular yachts for summers charter

The summer is time - time for mass leave and travel. Hardly anything can be compared with the rest on the magnificent yacht, drifting majestically on the sea. This article is about the yachts, raskazhet you about Yacht Elite class.

But before the tale begins, to make an agonizing choice - to decide which of these beauties Yacht bear you through the waves. To at least partially lift the burden from you, we offer a brief overview of the troika of the best charter yachts. Not all of them are among the longest in the world - the main criterion for selection Yacht serve a sense of style, luxury and completeness of the conditions.

So the most popular boats:
In third place is honorable yacht Lady Lola, yacht for those who yearn for privacy, it is with this desire to be a ride on a yacht with a very playful name Lady Lola. Cabin mate fully occupies the upper deck. The interior is made of precious Yachts class maple wood called «avian eye» and exotic white marble, which in combination gives the yacht glamorous chic. Estimated number of passengers the ship - 12, the rental price - from 330 thousand dollars.

In the second place our Yacht-rating, is located yacht Phoenix - this embodiment of the dream in reality. This magnificent yacht, the rapid and dynamic, with its magnificent interior decoration in the style of «Art Deco», rightfully deserves the title of one of the best creations ever dissecting sea. By becoming and value - boat rental will cost 480 thousand dollars a week. Class yachts - Мегаяхта.

And finally, first place in the ranking list of our yacht, took one of the most famous yachts in the world, once owned by billionaire Aristotle Onasis - Christina O. It can comfortably accommodate about 40 guests. As for partying, then on board the yacht at the same time can be fun at least 250 people. In addition to the bar, dining room, swimming pool, outdoor jacuzzi, gymnasium and library, on the yacht has a spa-center, beauty salon, dance floor, and the boat on water skis and equipment for diving and windsurfing. For the opportunity to feel part of the great stories of this ship, will have to fork out for the round sum of 455 thousand dollars a week, plus - the overhead costs.

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