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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Celebrating New Year on the Yacht. Yacht Charter in the winter

In winter, sometimes so eager to get into the warm exotic country! Thailand, Kenya, Seychelles. Yachting in these countries has already become a classic. And even more so for the classics of Western man is celebrating Christmas and New Year on a yacht in an exotic location. Just imagine: warm and clear water, white beaches, lush green shores, excellent service.
Being on the other end of the world, you can actually distract from his problems. The surrounding are very respectful of the rest of a man who plows the South Seas on a yacht!

Luxury yacht charter rent a yacht in the winter, you do not have to always somewhere to go. You can always drop anchor in the bay you liked, take a walk around town and then visit the other!

How much can cost rent a yacht and heavenly pleasure? Of course, price depends largely on your preferences, time of stay, etc. Rentals same boat will be around 500 euros per week per person. Of course, flights and accommodation will cost you more.

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