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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Abramovich's yacht Eclipse is equipped with a system of protection from the paparazzi

Russia billionaire Roman Abramovich, is further developed in his new yacht Eclipse, which is the largest and most expensive private vessel of its kind in the world, has decided to equip its system of protection from the paparazzi. Writes The Times, the device is able to record the work of light-sensitive elements of digital cameras, and aimed a laser beam to suppress their work. The system operates in automatic or manual mode.

Abramovich has commissioned a new yacht, which was the fourth in his private fleet in 2007. Project work carried out by design offices Atabeyki Design Development, and the ship was built at the shipyards Blohm + Voss in Hamburg.

Descent yachts on the water was held June 12, 2009, and by Christmas will be a transfer of the owner. A few days ago, according to The Times, Eclipse came out for sea trials, which will last ten days. The vessel length of almost 170 meters are about 150 technical personnel.

The yacht is equipped with the latest technology and is equipped with a powerful system of protection. Housing and windows, according to the newspaper, capable of withstanding a hit by the missile. In addition, since in France for "Eclipse" is planned to install anti-missile system. In case of an emergency on board are minipodlodka and two helipads.

As noted by The Times, the cost of the yacht was originally estimated at 350 million euros, but in the course of its further equipment costs amounted to the current time 800 million euro.

While the size of Abramovich's because of the crisis fell, according to The Sunday Times Rich List, to 4,2-7,7 billion euros, he continues to make costly acquisitions. Last week it became known about a billionaire buying a plot of land on the Caribbean resort island of Saint Barthelemy area of 70 acres (28 hectares). Property value is estimated at 60 million euros.

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