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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Leisure yachts - it is reasonable, safe and very interesting

There is an opinion, that vacation on the yacht - entertainment is very expensive and not affordable to everyone. But the yachts in the world there is great variety - different types, sizes and cost. Get in the charter can be as expensive masterpiece class Superyacht of eminent shipbuilders and ship with a more modest parameters. Also, as the hotel, a yacht is chosen according to the wishes and capabilities of the client.
The cost of the charter depends on many parameters, including: the type of the vessel (motor or sail), the size of the yacht, the spectrum of services and equipment on board, name of manufacturer and year built yachts.

I want to immediately dispel a few myths stable belonging to rest on yachts।

The first myth: "It is very expensive, only for millionaires"

The market offers for rent yachts is very wide. The lower boundary, known to me - $ 15 per space per cabin per night. Top - tens of thousands per day. The average price of lease 8 local sailing motor yacht, new and in perfect condition for a week in the Mediterranean Sea about 3000 euros, which is 54 euros per night per person.

The second myth: "The storms, reefs, sharks - that's a very dangerous"

Without going into technical and navigational details, we give only one argument. Insurance rates for boats are the lowest for transport. The probability of damage to a yacht or to inflict bodily injury on a yacht is much less than by car, train or plane, not to mention the lessons skiing or diving.

Myth Three: "It's only for athletes, need to be physically healthy and strong"

Around the world cruise and sailing charter - a family vacation, and the bulk yahtovladeltsev The so-called cruise couples - couples in retirement, usually over 50 years, traveling all the time, and inviting to their children and grandchildren of the yacht. Technical equipment of modern yachts make their management easier and safer than driving. I note that for mountain skiing or diving is required, of course, a higher physical

The Myth Four: "Been there, know ..." Often the negative experiences associated with chartering a yacht is formed as a result of random attempts to ride on a yacht which was taken on the waterfront in Yalta or yacht club type "Red waterman. Outdated and obsolete sports or makeshift boats not suited to the autonomous comfortable swimming, create a fundamentally wrong understanding of the industry and its current state.

For various reasons, not all who wish to join the yachting, want to acquire a vessel in the property. In the most attractive places for sailing organize a large quantity of various companies and simply individuals who began offering yachts for hire - on the day, week, month. This service offers yachts varying degrees of comfort that can be equipped with professional crews, cook, steward. The main regions where the existing and developing charter, include Virgin and the Bahamas, Lesser Antilles, Honduras, Hawaii, Tonga, Australia, Great Lakes, San Juan Island (off the west coast of North America), Florida, Maldives, Fiji . In the Mediterranean "charter" in some places are islands in the Aegean coast of Greece, Turkey, Adriatic Sea, Corsica. In recent years, geography charter dramatically expands.

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