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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Leisure yachts. Yacht Charters

Today in the world, there are several varieties of the charter, depending on the degree of comfort and the type of services provided. This, in turn, helps clients choose the best option.

The first type of charter - the so-called "bare-boat", ie yacht without crew. This yacht offers tourists without a professional team, ie tourists themselves should manage it. Naturally, before the adoption of a tourist boat owner must prove that he can handle such a vessel. Despite the lack of a professional team, the yacht is fully equipped with everything necessary for such a voyage. They must be available means of communication (radio), rescue equipment, means of alarm (emergency buoy, flares). With regard to supplies of goods and liquids, the yacht is issued to the client is fully fueled and water. After the boat trip should be returned to the owner, too, fully fueled and water. Yachts are also usually equipped with detailed descriptions of the suggested routes and maps navigation. In the descriptions of the routes, except for places may be even pointed out where the good fishin 'and some hotels and stores on their way most advantageous. Suggested routes usually start and end at the same port, but by agreement with the charter company you can leave the boat at any convenient for you to port.

There are two varieties of this type of charter. In one of them gets a tourist boat on the form of "bare-boat", but with skipper-guide on board. A modification of this type of charter is the so-called "charter of the fleet." This is a sailing trip with a group of yachts, you can make yourself or join the fleet, organized charter company. The flagship of the fleet managed by an experienced skipper, ready to help, but you remain responsible for the yacht and crew. Fleets are organized by charter companies, primarily for those who just received a license and still not feel sufficiently confident in a separate trip. In addition, the flotilla adds communication, fun, introduces an element of racing excitement. Often this form of charter is used for corporate rest. Also, very often charter companies conduct rally race. It's as simple sporting regatta, which may be open to all, regardless of the level of training.

The next widely practiced form charter - the so-called "crewed charter". This implies that the yacht must be equipped with. Tourist on a boat is a "guest" and if he does not want, he does not necessarily participate in the management of the yacht. The team usually consists of a captain, the number of men depends on the size of boats and the number of passengers, often in the team include the Coca-steward. Maintenance of this type of charter greatly increases its value, but it saves tourists from liability for the vessel and allows them to more fully enjoy swimming.

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