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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Roman Abramovich has defended the most expensive yacht Eclipse from the paparazzi

The most famous Russian oligarch Roman Abramovich, in addition to those already installed on his luxury yacht the missile defense system, bulletproof glass and armor plating rigged vessel yacht Eclipse special protection system flashes of cameras.

The Eclipse is the largest and most expensive private yacht in the world. Now she is safe from prying camera lenses of paparazzi constantly chasing Abramovich and his girlfriend - model and gallerist Daria Zhukova, wherever they may be.

The new system is based on infrared laser technology that blocks any lens digital camera aimed at the boat, and not allowing them to lock the frame in memory. With the advent of the new function value of the yacht "Eclipse" has risen to the level of $ 1 billion.

Currently, the yacht is the last tests on the high seas with a crew of 150 engineers on board, and 22 December will be finally handed over in full possession of the owner.

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